Mayor Wendy Belik
Mayor Wendy Belik

Dear Residents of the Village of Edgerton,

September 2020

Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable summer in this “new way of normal.” Mother Nature did give us better weather than 2019, and we are certainly hoping for a long and pleasant fall. The mornings feel like fall is in the air and the leaves are starting to turn colour. It would be great to see a nice stretch of good weather so that the 2020 crop can get from the fields and into the bins. After the last three Falls it was a struggle to bring in the crop and I think the farmers are due!

Although the Graduating Class of 2020 didn’t have the traditional graduation, the Graduation Exercises took place in August. Even though only a limited number of guests were able to attend, the Grad Parade that was held in the spring was a great demonstration of this community’s love and support for the 2020 Class. Congratulations to our 2020 Graduates, families, and staff!

After almost 6 months school has resumed on September 1st for those returning to class and those continuing online. In conversations with some families, when the pandemic drastically changed their daily routines, they really cherished the quality time they spent as a family. Families sat together at the table for supper every night, instead of one or two nights a week. Entertainment was family game night, online Bingo, and other inventive activities. It is important to recognize the positives that took place during lockdown,

After over 45 cases of positive COVID-19 cases within our MD of Wainwright earlier this summer, we are now again at ZERO cases. Hopefully we remain at zero or a relatively low number. As we come into the “normal flu season”, hopefully with the social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing, we will see a significant drop in the number of people coming down with the flu this fall and winter.

We have a new Minister of Municipal Affairs, Tracy Allard. Tracy came to Vermilion and met with the Reeves, Mayors, and CAO’s from the Vermilion- Lloydminster-Wainwright Constituency. This was a productive meeting and all those in attendance were impressed with her knowledge, willingness to listen, and to have open and honest conversations. For those who knew the Scott Steele family, Minister Allard’s Chief of Staff is married to Treva Steele’s daughter, so he knew exactly where Edgerton was!

Thanks for Darcy and his crew of Dennis, summer students, Grady and Zane who worked diligently to keep the village so neat and tidy. We have had many compliments concerning he Cemetery, parks, playgrounds, and general state of the village.

Hoping for a successful Harvest for our farmers and a great Fall for everyone!

Wendy Belik, Mayor
Village of Edgerton