Emergency Services

Emergency Numbers

  • Fire Alarm - 911
  • Police/RCMP - 911
  • Ambulance - 911
  • Wainwright Hospital - 780-842-3324
  • Poison Center - 1-800-332-1414
  • Crime Stoppers - 1-800-222-8477

Who is Answering your 9-1-1 Call?

East Central 911 Call Answer Society (EC911) receives and dispatches 9-1-1 Calls for communities in the MD's of Wainwright (including Edgerton) and Provost, Counties of Vermilion River, Minburn, Two Hills, Paintearth and Special Area 4.
Local employees are working in the EC911 Centre, who know the area, are working around the clock ready to help. If you need Police we will direct your call to Police dispatchers. If you need Ambulance we will direct your call to Alberta Health Services and we will dispatch the First Responders in your community. If you need Fire Department we will dispatch them and provide support to them while they are assisting you. 

Calls from land lines and wireless devices transmit your location and caller information within seconds of the emergency call being connected.  This is not so with Internet Phone Service. Emergency calls from internet serviced phones will go to a national dispatch centre before being rerouted back to your local area. EC911 has observed this taking up to 3 or 4 minutes in many cases . . . precious time in an emergency. What happens when the power is out or your internet service is disrupted? You would have no ability to call and no 9-1-1 service!  

Who is answering your 9-1-1 call? Please choose your telephone service provider carefully! For more information about your 911 service check out www.ec911.com

Edgerton Emergency Services Department

The Edgerton Emergency Services Department is a paid-part time organization which provides a professional level of emergency services to the citizens of Edgerton and surrounding area. Aside from providing emergency incident mitigation, the EESD is proud to serve the residents of Edgerton with fire and safety education, emergency preparedness, as well as free home and business fire and basic safety inspections. If you have any questions for our department, or are interested in joining, please contact Fire Chief/Emergency Services Manager.

Become a Member

The purpose of the Emergency Services is to serve the community in case of fire and conduct fire prevention in the community. To become part of this group, you must be willing to give your time. This also involves doing community projects that would benefit the citizens in our community. You must be 18 years of age (16 or 17 with written consent), hold a valid operator's license, and take courses as they become available.