The Village of Edgerton is implementing a new feature, Benefits. It will act as a digital bulletin board and as an online ‘welcome wagon.’ Benefits has five sections: Community Groups, Compare Taxes and Utilities, Employment, Municipal Lots for Sale, and Realtors.

We would like to extend the opportunity to the community. We are offering to include your information on Benefits, free of charge. We are issuing an open call for the following:
  • Community organization activities, meeting dates, Board/membership openings;
  • A lot, business, or property for sale or rent;
  • Employment opportunities in Edgerton and area.

We ask that any information submitted be kept accurate and up to date
: if the employment opportunity is filled, please notify us. If the real estate is sold or rented, please notify us. If your organization, changes activities, changes contact person, or changes meeting dates, please notify us. This is to keep Benefits attractive, current, and accurate.

If you wish to submit information for Benefits, please contact us.