Mayor Wendy Belik
Mayor Wendy Belik

On behalf of the Village of Edgerton I extend our warmest welcome and invite you to spend some time exploring our community. When driving into Edgerton from the north, it’s a stunning view of the Village from the top of the hill! It’s a quaint little place hidden away in the sand hills just a south of highway #14 and I am very proud to call it my home.

If you’re looking for a place to visit, an affordable place to live or build a business, Edgerton would be a great choice! In Edgerton you know your neighbors, you know the business owners and employees by name and within a short time of living here you feel the embrace of the community and a true sense of belonging.

We have lots to offer in our community without having to travel to a larger centre. There are lots of options for recreation, several active organizations and our business community offers a wide variety of goods and services. Check out the Business Directory on our website along with what recreation we have to offer.

We are finally experiencing some nice spring weather after what seemed to be a long winter! Mother Nature robbed us of fall, giving us a taste of winter in both September and October. 2018 will be a fall that the farmers will remember for years to come! Maybe we'll make up for it with an early spring! As our "snowbirds" arrive back from the sunny south however, we usually have another snowfall or two so they don't feel like they missed out on winter entirely.

We have our Annual BBQ planned for June 3, 2019 at the Fire Hall and we hope to see both village and rural residents come and enjoy a burger and/or a hotdog and ice cream. This event is FREE for everyone!

Edgerton is host to Fire and Wheels June 7th and 8th. Edgerton's Emergency Service Department would be grateful for any volunteers who could help for a few hours on the weekend. This fundraiser helps to purchase expired equipment and protective gear.

In August we will host our 2nd Block Party Event. This year the Block Party will be on 55th Avenue beside the Manor. More details will follow as we get closer to the date. We wish for nice weather but hopefully a few degrees cooler than 2018, where the temperature spiked at 35 degrees Celsius.

If you haven't met Wes LaPorte, our new CAO of the Village as of January 1, 2019. please feel free to stop by the Village Office and say hello! Also, Mac McMillan joined our Public Works Department last fall and you will see him out and about the Village.
We are proud to say that many of our current, and former residents firmly believe in the Homecoming motto: “ALWAYS HOME!”  

Did You Know?

In 1967, the Edgerton Board of Trade canned the local water and marketed it as the "World's Finest Naturally Soft."