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Edgerton is a vibrant, small community, nestled in the sand hills of East Central Alberta within the Municipal District of Wainwright. One of our greatest strengths is the people who call Edgerton home and give of themselves in service through community organizations, the business community, our school and wherever they recognize a need. There is a strong sense of community and value of the small town, affordable living for those who call Edgerton home.

Latest News

Latest News (3)

  • Veterans memoria bench
    Veterans Memorial Bench

    A Veterans Memorial Bench has been placed at the Last Post in the Edgerton Cemetery. The Veterans Bench is a beautiful addition and a wonderful way...

  • Still_standing_titlecard_fogo_0011
    CBC TV Show 'Still Standing' Coming to Edgerton

    The CBC TV Show ‘Still Standing’ show is coming to Edgerton! In mid May, a film crew will arrive to film a segment about Edgert...

  • Volunteers
    2016 Volunteer Recognition

    EDGERTON VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION AWARD 2016 National Volunteer Week is April 10-16. National Volunteer Week is when we can all take time to recog...


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