Building for Sale or Rent

The property at 5017 50th Ave., Edgerton, AB is currently available for sale, rent, or on a rent-to-own arrangement. The building features various segregated rooms, ample space, and rear parking. The rooms include the reception area and hallway, large office, huge meeting room, kitchen area, back office, storage closet, coatroom, and bathroom. Ideal for a storefront business, office, or daycare.

Call 780-755-3933 or email admin@edgerton.ca for more information or to arrange a viewing.

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Did You Know?

Edgerton's “Teacups to Tractors” Museum holds the rare Hugo Viewegar Autochrome collection, the first colour photos of the NWMP. The Museum is open from late May to September. Call (780) 755-2189 for more information.