Phase 2 of the Edgerton Walking Trail is complete!

The Village is excited to share that the Edgerton Walking Trail, Phase II, is complete and ready for residents to enjoy! We've included a handy map of Phase 1 and 2 below. Please note the route and locations that include Sitting Areas, Garbages, and Bag Dispensers.

Phase II of the Walking Trail connects to Phase I and the Off-Leash Dog Park.

The Walking Trail is part of the Village’s commitment to creating an attractive, progressive, and welcoming community.

Currently, there are animals on both sides of Phase II. We ask that residents respect these animals, ensure any dogs are kept on a leash, and to help keep the Trail free of garbage and waste.

Enjoy your Walking Trail!




Did You Know?

The first Edgerton school opened in 1910, which was a one room building. Due to its size the school was able to accommodate 50-60 pupils. During the winter months, the children's school lunches quite often had to be placed around the stove to thaw out.