Village of Edgerton News December 2017

Posted on Thursday January 04, 2018 at 05:54PM

Village of Edgerton News
December 2017

   The Holidays are a busy, complicated, and stressful time, but they are also some of the most joyous and memorable days of the year. We hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas, and we’re excited to see what the New Year holds for the Friendly Oasis!

New Businesses
   Kalon Beauty Bar has taken over the old Edgerton Wellness Center building and now offers nail services, waxing, lash work, and so much more! We would like to welcome Kate Nicole to the Edgerton business community and we look forward to learning more about her many plans and schemes next month. You can find more information on Kalon Beauty Bar on their Facebook page.
   Frostings by Niki is also setting up a storefront operation in Edgerton! Owned and operated by Niki Haveroen, Frostings offers help with interior decorating, event planning, rentals and decorating, and custom painting supplies and assistance. They also host workshops on a variety of rustic decorating options! Niki plans to be moved into her new space in Edgerton by early spring. More information can be found on the Frostings by Niki Facebook page. Stay tuned!
   The Edgerton ATB Branch is also changing locations and is under new management. They are returning to the Edgerton Electric building, to the north of the post office. The Branch will be relocated by January 16th and open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-4pm.

Ribstone Creek Brewery
   The Village of Edgerton would like to congratulate Ribstone on their recent celebration of 5 years in Edgerton! The Brewery has been a fantastic addition to the community and is a constant source of pride in the area.

Visit with MLA Wes Taylor
   Our representative in the provincial legislature, Wes Taylor, was present at the Edgerton Council meeting in December to discuss happenings in provincial politics and to learn what’s going on in the Friendly Oasis. Mr. Taylor also presented Mayor Belik and CAO Gordon with a congratulatory scroll recognizing Edgerton’s Centennial.

Robbie Burns Nite
   The 30th Annual Robbie Burns Nite is coming up quickly! The event, organized by the Edgerton Historical Society, will be on Friday, January 26, 2018 at the Edgerton Agricultural Hall. Happy Hour and the Silent Auction begins at 5.30pm, with supper and ceilidh starting at 6.30pm. Tickets are available at the Village of Edgerton Office ($20.00 for adults, $5.00 for ages 12 and under). For more information call Al at 780-755-3933!

Councilors and Committees: Wanda Herbert
  Councilor Wanda Herbert is currently serving her second term on the Village of Edgerton Council, having first been elected in 2013. Wanda joined Council because she was curious and wanted to learn more about how municipalities function and interact with their communities. The Councilor is also passionate about Edgerton and Edgertonians and saw Council as an effective way to contribute to her community. Wanda is currently the Council representative on:
• Go East of Edmonton Regional Tourist Organization;
• Edgerton Arena Board;
• Assessment Appeal Board;
• Edgerton Sports Association;
• Bylaw Review Committee.
   Before joining Council, Wanda knew it was something that had to be taken seriously and with proper gravity. She also expected that the new role would require her to be a voice for the people of Edgerton and to represent their best interests, immediate and long-term. Looking over her time on Council thus far, Wanda recognizes that the position does indeed call for a significant commitment. She’s learned that Council occupies a substantial amount of time, energy, and passion. Councilor Herbert says there is a steady influx of information and new things to learn, and is constantly surprised with all that goes into operating a successful and sustainable municipality. Wanda would also like to share that she’s learned it is difficult to remain detached from certain projects and initiatives. She feels it is important to remain objective when reviewing options, but that sometimes becoming emotionally involved and passionate can produce results.
   As a member of Council, business owner, and involved community member, Wanda has a few observations on what the village of Edgerton does well. This is a great community for supporting its members and coming together, “in time of need and in time of celebration.” While the Friendly Oasis excels at backing community members, Wanda feels that supporting local businesses is something Edgerton should improve on. “We have to utilize those assets so that we don’t lose them. It is very difficult to get them back once they go.”
   Councilor Herbert has sincerely enjoyed her time on Council, especially in developing relationships with other Council members. They work very closely together and deal with difficult decisions and issues and special bonds develop. Wanda enjoys using these relationships in Council work and seeing the team grow and mature as they get involved in helping operate the municipality. While being on Council has been a great experience for Herbert, she does occasionally struggle with her association to Council. Community members will often approach Councilors to discuss an issue or concern, but its important to remember that our Councilors wear many different hats and they don’t always plan on acting as a Councilor on a Monday morning.
   Councilor Herbert is excited to continue her involvement with Council and working to develop relationships with the new team sitting at the Council table.

For questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact Wes Laporte at or 780-755-3933, ext. 6.

Author: Village of Edgerton


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Edgerton is home to the award winning Ribstone Creek Brewery, founded in Fall 2012. Ribstone is housed in the former Mel's Motors building.