Village of Edgerton News November 2018

Posted on Tuesday November 27, 2018 at 01:50PM

Village of Edgerton News
November 2018

Santa Day & Christmas Market
   It’s getting to be that season again! This year’s Santa Day & Christmas Market falls on Saturday, December 1. The Edgerton Public Library will be having fun with Christmas Crafts from 1-3PM in the Senior Room of the Edgerton Agricultural Hall and their Festival of Wreaths Silent Auction will also be taking place during this time. They’ve even arranged for Santa Claus himself to stop by from 2-4PM!
   The Agricultural Society has organized the Christmas Market once again, with tables full of prizes, goods, and crafts and a hot lunch provided by the Edgerton 4-H Multi-Club.
   Don’t miss out on a sleigh ride around town! Kris Molle is offering sleigh rides through Edgerton for everyone to enjoy. We just hope he doesn’t try to break any track records!

Village of Edgerton Staff

   The Village of Edgerton is pleased to announce that Wes Laporte has accepted the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) position, effective January 2, 2019. We look forward to building a productive and effective relationship with Mr. Laporte.
   The Village is excited to enter this new phase and to continue serving the residents of Edgerton. We would like to thank all applicants that expressed interest in this position.

Winter Reminder: Sidewalks
   With winter snow season upon us, it is important that we remind everyone of the importance of cleaning the snow from the sidewalks in front of your home or business. For residences, ALL snow that you clean from your sidewalks is to be placed on your lawns, NOT on the streets. For downtown businesses, the snow from your sidewalk may be placed on the street (not on public property), however please ensure it is placed well into the street and away from the curb. This will allow for easier clearing and/or melting. Snow is to be removed from business sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowfall and within 48 hours in the residential areas.
   Please refer to section L.300 of the Village of Edgerton Policy Book for details. We ask for your cooperation and we intend to be diligent in enforcing our by-laws to ensure safety for all.

Edgerton Public School
   As part of the school’s annual Food Bank Challenge with Paradise Valley’s E.H. Walter School, the losing school’s principal must sacrifice some dignity and perform a stunt. Last year Edgerton’s Glen Sunderland got covered in slime! As Edgerton won the 2018 challenge, we would like to thank E.H. Walter Principal Bruce Pugh for being a good sport and continuing the tradition. Everyone had a good laugh at Mr. Sunderland’s payback as we watched Bruce Pugh kiss a pig!

Edgerton Curling Club Grey Cup Dine & Dance
   Congratulations go out to the Edgerton Curling Club for a successful 2018 Grey Cup Dine & Dance! This year saw a new format, with a more formal event and a comedian. We were glad to see that the community enjoyed the evening and we can’t wait for next year’s Dine & Dance.

Remembrance Day 2018
   We would like to thank everyone that volunteered and organized this year’s Remembrance Day Service. 2018 is an extremely important year as it marks a century since the armistice that ended the Great War.
   Special thanks go out to the Edgerton Royal Canadian Legion for ensuring the event was marked with appropriate gravity and to the Edgerton Royal Purple ladies for organizing lunch and refreshments. We would also like to thank all the serving men and women, past and present, for making Edgerton home, helping us mark Remembrance Day, and for contributing to the community.

Upcoming Events:
• Advent Adventure: November 30, 4-7PM, Faith United Church
• Santa Day & Christmas Market: December 1, 1-4PM, Edgerton Agricultural Hall
• Edgerton Agricultural Society Annual Meeting: December 3
• Royal Purple Toy Bingo: December 7
• Lighting the Darkness Service: December 12, 7PM, Faith United Church
• Ribstone Creek Brewery Annual Christmas Open House: December 21

For questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact Wes Laporte at or 780-755-3933, ext. 6.

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