Edgerton Services / Utilities

Payment for Village Services can be made in person at the Village Office during regular business hours; internet banking or financial institutions. Those wishing to pay at the start of the year on an annual basis for all Village Services will receive a 5% discount on water, sewer and garbage service and will only be billed if water use is over the base allotment.
  • Residential Garbage - $26.00 per month. Collection day is Thursday. Limit for residential collection is 4 bags weighing 30 lbs/13.6 kg or less. Any garbage for pickup must be in regular garbage bags. Non bagged garbage will not be picked up. Residents are asked to have garbage ready for pickup by 8:00 am. New residents can confirm pickup location from the Village Office. Residents are asked to contact the Village Office 780-755-3933 if there are any issues with pickup.
  • Residential Water –  $30.00 per month which includes a base amount of 15 m3 non cumulative, (20 m3 during months of May, June, July & August non cumulative). $1.75 per cubic meter over base amount. Water meters are read every 2nd month. Access for Village Staff to read the meters must be provided by the resident and not interfered with by locked gates, snow, or animals. Meters are the property of the Village and cannot be altered or hindered without prior consent of the Village.
  • Commercial Garbage Bins – 4 yard Bins $55.00 per month (2 pick ups); 6 yard Bins $65.00 per month (2 pick ups).
  • Infrastructure Fee - $5.00 per month Water; $5.00 per month Waste Water
  • Sewer - $28.00 per month

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Did You Know?

Living in Edgerton and working to the West means the sun will always “be at your back.”