Edgerton 4-H Multi Club

Meet Monthly, every 2nd/3rd Thursday. We have openings for the Cleaver group (ages 6-8) and Members (ages 9-20).

4916 - 50th Street Edgerton, Alberta Canada
Edgerton Agricultural Hall
Phone Number:
(780) 858-3796 xShannon McNalley
Mandate: To develop youth leadership skills, community involvement through "Learn to do by doing!"
Activities: Meetings- general and project specific, club/project workshops, fun activities, community service, Achievement Day, regional and provincial activities, camps, parties, bowling, Highway Cleanup, Public Speaking, competitions, and much more!
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Did You Know?

Due to snow blocked roads, which made winter travel difficult or even impossible, doctors from Edgerton drove 15-20 miles with a horse and cutter in order for them to tend to their patients in case of sickness.